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roofmax licensed roofing contractor

Roofmax is licensed in the state of California as both a Roofing Contractor (C-39) and insulation (C-2). Roofmax is bonded and insured carrying both workers’ compensation insurance and general liability insurance. www.cslb.ca.gov
This coverage is important to you for a very simple reason: If an accident should occur on your property during the project you are protected. If you choose a non-licensed and non-insured (or under insured) contractor, any accident becomes YOUR problem and you may be liable for damages. Make sure any California contractor that works on your home shows you proof of insurance that is current and up to date.

All insurance is updated on an annual basis.

California Contractors License Information

License No.: 841422
Classifications: C39-Roofing, C2-Insulation
Expires: 7/31/2017

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Workers Compensation Insurance
Agent: TLB Insurance Services
Carrier: Redwood Fire & Casualty Insurance
Expires: 7/1/2017

General Liability Insurance
Agent: TLB Insurance Services
Carrier: Tokio Marine Insurance Company
Expires: 07/01/2017

Automobile Insurance
Agent: TLB Insurance Services
Carrier: Wesco Insurance Company
Expires: 08/01/2017