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“Forty percent of the roofs we do are a result of the roof not being installed correctly in the first place. Most of the time the homeowner doesn’t realize there is a problem until after the company is out of business.”

We don’t want you to be one of the 40 percent of California homeowners who is disappointed with their new roof or solar panel system. That’s why we are very upfront about the way we do things through the “Roofmax Process,” which has been developed through many years of experience.

When selecting a roofing contractor many homeowners have just two questions: “How much will it cost?” and “When can the job start?” We start with these questions and provide answers that are in-depth and aimed at reassuring you that your roofing or solar project is on track.

STEP 1: Measure Call
The first part of this process is the “Measure Call.” We ask that you schedule this at a time when you can be home to meet with our estimator and discuss the project. During the measure call the estimator will not only measure the roof and inspect the structural support system, but will also ask questions to make sure of your plans and expectations. By taking the time to do this we are better able to determine the overall condition and anticipate any additional needs or problems that could arise.

STEP 2: Written Proposal
The second step in the Roofmax Process is the “Proposal Meeting.” The estimator will set up a time to meet with you in order to further discuss the project and present you with the personalized job proposal that they have put together, based on the information gathered during the measure call. The proposal IS IN WRITING (an important consideration!) and includes industry and warranty specifications with explanations and pictures of how the work will be done. The proposal will also include all the details of your construction project and outline all your options and the prices associated with each.

By using this process to plan your project we are able to pay attention to the details of your project and address them up front. The thorough measure call allows us to anticipate any additional work or problems, such as gutters or dry rot, which may require attention. This means that you are aware of these things from the beginning and can take them into consideration when making plans and decisions regarding your project.
We want to educate you up front and keep you informed throughout the project.