A Great Refrence From One of Our Customers

We got this letter from one of our customers today and it was really nice. So I thought I would share it with you.

“To Whom It May Concern:

We recently had a new roof put in our house by Roofmax. They were very prompt in coming out to give a quote and explain to us how the roof would be installed and the warranties that they can offer. They completed our roof in two days and the gutters in a matter of hours. Although we did run into some issues with the contract and some major issues as the roof was being installed, they stood behind their work and fixed everything in the end. We were very happy that a manager took the time to come to our house and address things with us in person and not just on the phone. We love our new roof and gutters. We know and trust that Roofmax will stand behind their work if any problems should arise and I would recommend them to neighbors and friends who are looking to have a new roof installed.


Cindy & Cole James

May 6, 2010”

Thank you so much for the James family for this wonderful note of our work! To view more testimonials, please visit our website at www.roofmax.net/testimonials.


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