How to clean your concord roof

Northern California has become not an uncommon friend of bad weather conditions. Recently, we have noticed a lot of unexpected wind and rain, which has created a lot of roofing problems for many California homeowners and building owners. Sometimes the best option might be to completely replace the roof with brand new shingles. However, that might not always be the case for every single person. Some roofs are salvageable and can still have a lot of utility to give, but might just need some tender love and care.

As we are now moving into the summer season with weather that is hopefully somewhat more predictable, this is a good time to think about roof maintenance. It is best to do any types of cleaning, repairing or replacing during the summer so that it can be ready for the weather changes of the cooler months.

If you decide that your best option is to give your concord roof a deep clean rather than giving up on it altogether, you should know about a few key do’s and do not’s that are commonly mistaken. The following list should help you be more prepared and make sure that your efforts derive the desired result.

No Personal Pressure Washer

This is one of the most common mistakes made by homeowners when cleaning their roofs. Do not use a pressure washer. The reason people are tempted to use it is because the high pressure is very effective at quickly clearing off any unwanted materials, whether they be leaves, dirt, sticks or anything you might find up there. However, the intensity of the high pressure will also blast off protective granules that make up the roofing shingles right along with it. If these granules are removed from the surface, then your roof will actually be left more exposed and more vulnerable to damage than before. 

Bleach Spray

This is a very common and effective way of cleaning your roof, but it has to be handled very carefully. We suggest creating a mixture of water, bleach and detergent and pouring the mixture into a garden sprayer. It should not be a pressure washer, but a high level garden spraying nozzle will work great for your purpose. This spray can be sprayed on evenly throughout the entire roof until all the shingles are covered. However, you will not want to let the mixture soak into the shingles for long because it could cause some discoloration. You will want to rinse the shingles right afterwards so they are thoroughly soaked. Then you can repeat the process a few times so that the shingles are sufficiently bleached and rinsed. It depends on how dirty you consider your roof to be as to how many repeat cycles you need to do.

Choose the Perfect Day

When planning to clean the roof you might not think to check the weather app, but it will make a world of difference. Look for a day that is not too hot that your mixture evaporates right off the shingles. However, you also do not want a day that will have any wind or rain because that can seriously compromise your safety as you wander on top of your home or building.

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