Wind Storm Blows in More Than Debris

While we’ve been enjoying this sunny December weather other western states have had to battle strong windstorms.

In one such state, Utah, the battle seemed to go beyond the storm. While neighbors and friends gathered to clean up broken tree branches and fallen debris, scam artists posing as contractors approached home owners offering to fix their damaged homes for a fee.

Homeowners were warned by the Utah department of commerce to exercise care in selecting a contractor to repair their home.

Three ways you can prevent getting taken advantage of are

1. Ask for the contractors license number and look it up to see if they are indeed licensed.
2. Ask for their credentials or for some referrals of other home owners they have worked with.
3. Never pay up front in cash.

In times of need it is important to remember that not everyone has your best interest at heart. Protect your home and family by choosing a licensed, experienced, contractor.

Click here to read the full article on the wind storm in Utah.


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