Happy Customer!

We just received a letter from a customer whose roof we just finished. Always great to get positive feedback and another happy customer!

Dear Folks at Roofmax,

My wife and I are impressed with the way Roofmax does business. Our 19 yr. old roof had a lot of problems and leaked many times over the years. Rob Proffitt from Roofmax inspected it and explained that a successful re-roofing is a lot more than just the shingles you see from the street. It’s a whole system starting with sound rafter support and wood sheeting, special under-coverings for specific parts of the roof, all new metal flashings around chimneys, skylights, new vents, roof jacks and all of this topped off with a roof covering (shingles, in our case) with a lifetime warranty. All of the above will be successful because the work crew is specifically trained to follow the manufacturer’s step-by-step installation instructions. In fact, the shingle manufacturer inspects the finished product afterwards to see that it was done properly.

Joe Sandoval, the project manager, made sure that everything was done properly on the roof and was always available to answer my questions. He, after looking at the completed roof, decided on his own that the color of the newly painted vents and flashing was not the best match for the rest of the roof. He came back a couple of days later, suggested a couple of colors to us and then repainted everything himself.

Joe wasn’t the only one who went the extra mile for us. The old roof was guaranteed to be a 40 yr. roof but only lasted 19. I wanted to go through the process of applying for warranty compensation from the manufacturer of the old shingles, and Rob Proffitt went over and above the call of duty by taking pictures of the old roof, removing two old shingles to be sent for analysis, and offering advice on the proper procedure.

Ron was the technical expert who figured out how to remove two old solar water heaters from the roof and came up with a neat and professional way to cap off the existing water supply lines. The roof crew did a great job stripping the old roof, applying the new one to exacting standards, and cleaning up around the house each day.

Roofmax has good people who care about what they do.



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