6 Common Types of House Windows

Posted Nov 30, 2009 by WhatYouNeedToKnow

A quick look at 6 types of house windows commonly used. Trying to determine what type of house windows will suit your needs, this five minute guide will point you in the right direction

Are you looking to replace the windows on your home but aren’t sure how to do it? Some of you may still be questioning what type of windows you should install. Before you worry about the how of replacing your windows you need to answer the question of what type. Here is a quick overview of 6 common window types.
Awning Windows
Awning windows are similar to casement windows ( a style popular in the 1950’s and 60’s). However, unlike their predecessors these windows are generally wider and taller than a casement window. A common plae that you would see this type of window is below an existing window, or above a doorway. Many people will recognize these as bathroom windows as awning windows are commonly used for ventilation and air flow. Awning windows provide great natural sun light into your home.

Bay Windows

These windows are appropriately named as they allow for you to get a view of the whole bay from a single window oppening. Bay windows are a combination of windows, most commonly three panels, that are installed side by side to offer great visibility. If you plan to install these windows in your house you will likely be looking at a fixed frame window in the middle and double hung or casement windows on the sides. Also, when installing bay windows you should keep in mind the architecture and interior design of your home. You may want to consider installing a window seat on the inside to complete the look.

Bow Windows

Whenever a bay window exceeds three panels they are referred to as bow windows. Bow windows can also be distinguished from bay windows as they generally have a less square appearnce often appearing more rounded. Bow windows are the preferred choice for homeowners who have a great view. The primary challenge with bow windows will be privacy. Homeowners can mix and match the windows to suit their needs choosing from a variety of vented, fixed frame, or some combination of the two.

Casement Windows

Casement windows became very popular when modern design came about in the 1950’s and 60’s. In California you can find casement windows in most older neighborhoods. Casement windows are often made of metal. They are, for the most part, short and wide windows consisting of square panels of glass a little bigger than the size of an average textbook. While casement windows are considered somewhat outdated (they do not offer good insulation) you can still purchase casement windows and depending on where you live you might find the retro modern charm of these windows something your interested in.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are in essence an updated version of the casement window. The double hung window followed up the casement window rush. Today you will find double hung windows on many homes in california and on the east coast. Double hung windows are almost exclusively made out of wood. Individuals who choose to use double hung windows in their home often prefer to leave the windows somewhat exposed in order to show off the natural wood charm. One bonus of having a window with a sturdy wooden frame is that the windows come in larger sizes. In fact double hung windows are the cheapest way to replace or add large windows to your home.


A skylight is a great accent to any home. Skylights are installed in the roof of your home and open up a way for the sun to naturally light up commonly dark places such as the bathroom, hallway or even your kitchen. Skylights have a bad reputation for being hideous and an eyesore on your roof. Modern skylights have come a long way and you now have many options. In fact, some skylights have remote controls to change the amount of light that is coming into your homw. Sliding windows Sliding windows are common on track homes and are found all over the western coast, particularly southern california. Sliding windows can be wood, however, they are most commonly alluminun, or a white plastic. If you are looking to replace the windows on your home and do not mind having a common looking house, sliding windows can be very affordable and have some of the best energy star technology around at the moment. fixed frame Fixed frame windows are windows that do not move. Pretty simple.


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