Schwarzenegger Signs Major Solar Initiative Effecting Solar Retailers


Synergy Solar Newswire Service – OCTOBER 19th, 2009

Schwarzenegger Signs Major Solar Initiative Effecting Solar Retailers

Two initiatives approved by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger could trigger a proliferation of commercial and residential rooftop solar power installations.

In a nutshell, utilities will have to pay consumers for excess energy they generate from solar installations.

This is great news for both residential and commercial installers who will have another benefit to sell their prospects for solar power.

1. AB 920, offers incentives to households and businesses to use less electricity than they produce and could prompt customers with solar or wind systems on their properties to become more efficient. Households with children who have recently gone to college or with new energy-efficient appliances can now receive a payment instead of feeding extra electricity back to the grid for free.

2. SB 32 broadens the state’s feed-in tariff program for solar facilities from 1.5 megawatts to 3 megawatts. The bill requires commercial solar power producers to be paid a set price above market rate. The model was revolutionized by countries such as Germany see post. Properties with lots of space but little energy usage, such as warehouses or parking lots, could be encouraged by the new law to build substantial solar installations.

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