Testimonial From a Very Happy Customer

We received this letter in the mail today. It is so nice to hear from our customers about their experience with Roofmax. We thought we would share.

“Dear Jon Aikele and Roofmax,

You run an incredible company! We’ve never been more satisfied with the integrity and attention you and your company have given us.

Ten years ago you installed a roof that completely fixed our leaks. The material was manufactured from a company that guaranteed their product for much longer than ten years. This year when there were significant cracks in the material you contacted the company and had them send out a representative. But, that company wouldn’t cover the cost of fixing the cracked area or replacing the roof.

Because you backed your work 100% you had a team of your men come and seal our entire roof (not just the cracked area) with a white material that not only sealed the roof, but reflected the sun’s rays. And you took on the cost without charging us. Bravo for being environmentally conscious!

We are so impressed. Through the whole process we never had to check back with Roofmax. You were diligent and persisted with the other company and when they didn’t back their product, you insisted on backing your own business.

We are extremely happy and we are already recommending Roofmax to all our friends and acquaintances.

Thank you for being one of the best companies we have ever done business with!


C & K V.,

Lafayette, CA”

We are so glad when our customers have the best experience possible. That is our main goal: to meet and exceed our customer’s goals.

Have a great Thursday!

Tara Thornock



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