There is a light at the end of the scheduling tunnel!

Thank you all for being so understanding with our scheduling craziness that developed with the rains, extra work, training and so on that caused us to be completely inundated with work.  We were left with a ton of work and very little time to complete it.  We have worked nonstop to give everyone absolutely the best service that you deserve.  We appreciate your understanding and want you to know that we WANT to do your work and we WANT to give you the best service possible.  Sometimes situations out of our control can make scheduling a nightmare.  However, you are and always will be our first…
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What is a roofing ‘square’?

Have you ever wondered what a 'square' is in terms of roofing?  A square is 100 square feet.  The amount of roofing materials is usually measured in squares.  Therefore a roof with 3600 square feet requires 36 'squares' of materials.  Therefore, when an estimator comes out to view your property and measure the roof, they will estimate how many 'squares' of materials they will need for the project.  This number is then factored into the total estimate for the cost of the work.  See?  Now you know what they are all talking about when they talk about 'squares'...36 squares, 27 squares,…
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Roofing Material: 6 Choices for Your New and Improved Roof

With the variety of roofing materials available these days, here are six options to help make choosing the right one for your roofing project a little easier. Roofing Material #1: Asphalt Shingles Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material seen on American homes these days. They are an inexpensive roofing option and they come in a variety of colors. They are generally guaranteed for 20 to 30 years and require no maintenance. The drawback is that this roofing material is so common your roof won’t stand out from the crowd, however the asphalt shingles have great value in their…
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Schwarzenegger Signs Major Solar Initiative Effecting Solar Retailers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Synergy Solar Newswire Service - OCTOBER 19th, 2009 Schwarzenegger Signs Major Solar Initiative Effecting Solar Retailers Two initiatives approved by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger could trigger a proliferation of commercial and residential rooftop solar power installations. In a nutshell, utilities will have to pay consumers for excess energy they generate from solar installations. This is great news for both residential and commercial installers who will have another benefit to sell their prospects for solar power. 1. AB 920, offers incentives to households and businesses to use less electricity than they produce and could prompt customers with solar or…
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Roofmax Turns Green

Roofmax is now a certified installer of Solar Photovoltaic Systems.  Solar Panels can generate enough electricity to cover your energy bill and has an average ROI of less than 10 years.  The best part are the federal tax incentives given to people who install solar panels on the home or business roof.  Let's face it--Roofmax has!
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Building With Green Bricks

Anissa S. Febrina , The Jakarta Post , Jakarta Tue, 09/01/2009 9:36 AM Environment Steel or stone? Bamboo or brick? Concrete or composites? A wiser choice of construction materials could go a long way to transforming our cities into “greener” urban jungles. An environmentally friendly building is not only about choice of site and the play of the layout. The actual materials that are laid down for the foundations, frames, walls, roof and cladding determine how green a building really is. To date, our vocabulary on building materials has been limited to bricks, cement, timber and glass with steel occasionally…
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Why Is My Paint Peeling?

By: Jeanne Huber, This Old House magazine This Old House painter John Dee calls his neighbors Robert and Andrea Bowler "the epitome of diligent homeowners." They bought their postwar Colonial in May two years ago, and a month later Andrea was down at the local hardware store, picking out new beige paint to lighten up the gloomy exterior. Soon Robert was up on the ladder, hard at work. "It wasn't easy," he says. "I scraped the whole house, rented a water gun, primed everything. I put two coats of paint over that. I did it when I got home from…
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The Gutterglove Gutterguard!

[caption id="attachment_41" align="alignleft" width="172"] This image shows how this product blocks out debris but still allows water in.[/caption] Roofmax is a seasoned installer of the Gutterglove Gutterguard. The Gutterglove is a revolutionary gutter installment that keeps leaves and debris out but allows the rainfall in. You will no longer have to do that pesky chore of cleaning out your gutters. In addition, your home will be better protected from pests and fire susceptibility. As both a roofing and general contractor, Roofmax installs this wonderful product. Ask about it when metting with a Roofmax professional.
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Work to Begin on Muskegon Heights’ Strand Building Roof

by Federico Martinez - The Muskegon Chronicle Sunday August 30, 2009, 3:08 AM The building that Muskegon Heights hopes someday becomes downtown's "crowning jewel," is getting a new roof. The Muskegon Heights City Council on Monday voted to pay $139,850 to Muskegon Quality Builders to oversee the construction. The project is being funded by a combination of state and federal grants, said Muskegon Heights City Manager Natasha Henderson. Construction of the Strand building's new roof is scheduled to begin after Labor Day, said Reatha Anderson, the city's director of planning and community development. The work is expected to take about…
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