How Roofing in Walnut Creek, CA Can Restore the Glory of One of the City’s Historic Gems

The preservation of historic landmarks in a city is one undertaking that should be given more time and effort. The present generation (and succeeding ones) should be given a chance to glimpse the past, which paved the way for the birth of the society they know now. Walnut Creek City officials should consider this in light of an offer made to them by the Lar Rieu family: to restore the estate bequeathed to the city by their ancestor.

After her death nearly three decades ago, Miriam Lar Rieu decided to entrust her windmills and vintage 1930’s home to the city. While the gates to the 10-acre Lar Rieu Park opened as early as 2007, it has not garnered a lot of attention as the house and gardens within have fallen into disrepair. One part of this residence that needs attention is the roof, which has yet to be assessed by companies that specialize in roofing in Walnut Creek, CA.

Elisabeth Nardi of the Contra Costa Times writes that a leaking roof is one of the detriments that greeted Lar Rieu’s grandson Dana Sack, Mayor Cindy Silva, and various city officials during their recent tour of the estate. While the house is in relatively good shape, Sack was almost certain that the harsh winter climes can severely devastate the age-old abode. They can help the haven withstand the adverse effects of the elements with the help of expert roofing contractors in Walnut Creek, CA.

Roofing companies such as Roofmax are equipped to repair roofs that have already weathered many storms. If it proves to be one hail closer to giving, roofers can replace extremely worn roofs with a new, sturdy one that can prevent damages to the foundation and interior of domiciles. The dedicated roofers’ services would be worth every inch of Sack and his family’s money, which they intend to spend for the estate’s betterment should the city permit them to do so.

Sack has already offered to shoulder the park’s renovation costs, which amount to an estimated $300,000, on one condition: that his niece be allowed to inhabit the home rent-free as a caretaker. If the authorities give Sack the thumbs up, he should fulfill his part of the bargain by getting only high-quality materials for house fixtures that are almost at the brink of death. For instance, a roof that’s both attractive and energy-efficient will work in favor of Sack’s niece and the park’s future visitors, visit

The city council has yet to decide the fate of the Lar Rieu estate. Hopefully, they would take into account the stories of days gone by and use them to benefit those in pursuit of knowledge and understanding. They should not let nature tear a historic gem asunder by continuing to neglect the signs of degradation such as a weak roof.

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