Roofing in Danville, CA: How Roofing Contractors Can Help You Weather the Storms

Roofing contractors who operate in counties that are being battered by severe weather conditions can expect their crews to be hard at work this year. The Amarillo Globe-News recently reported that the city building office in Amarillo, Texas issued 2,194 roofing permits this year. This sudden surge in roofing permits comes in the wake of a severe hailstorm which battered the city on May 28th, 2013.

The permits issued in June include 1,782 permits for residential projects, with a total value of around $18.7 million. The West Coast is no stranger to tempestuous weather conditions either, as heavy rains and severe storms have been racking the Bay Area since February. Aside from being inconvenient for residents, inclement weather and temperature fluctuations can seriously affect the integrity of roofing in Danville, CA.

Many licensed roofing contractors who operate in Contra Costa County—such as Roofmax—offer repair, restoration, and roof repair services. Other innovative services include the design and installation of solar roofs, solar hot water systems, and photovoltaic energy systems. These systems
provide conveniences like hot water, electricity, and heat while reducing the homeowner’s carbon footprint.

Additionally, many certified and licensed contractors conduct on-site inspections of roofing systems for free. These specialists can assess roof damage following inclement weather conditions and hail storms. While many homeowners assume that hail damage will become apparent immediately following a hail storm, reputable roofing contractors in Danville, CA, like Roofmax, say that 99 percent of damaging hail creates micro-fractures on roofing systems. These micro-fractures allow tiny amounts of moisture to penetrate the roof’s membrane.

Instead of creating noticeable roof leaks on attic walls, these tiny amounts of moisture are absorbed by the roof’s underlying insulation. In many cases, it takes between 3 to 18 months before these interior leaks become apparent. If these roof leaks are not correctly attributed to hail storms, they could be misclassified as premature roof failure. By asking roofing contractors to inspect roofing systems immediately following severe hail storms, homeowners can correctly file insurance claims for hail damage.

Although the Amarillo building authorities were not able to elaborate further on the nature of the roofing permits issued, city building official Scott McDonald said the effects of the May 28 hailstorm may see the final number of issued permits shoot up dramatically. Moreover, the Insurance Council of Texas has estimated that insured losses from the storm will total approximately $400 million. This figure surpasses Amarillo’s previous record of $175 million in 2004.

Before proceeding with any roof repair work, homeowners will need to check their homeowner’s insurance policy to see if the damages are covered. Roofing contractors can facilitate the filing of claims with the homeowner’s insurance provider. By relying on trustworthy roofing contractors, Danville residents can literally weather the storms.

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