Remaking History through Roofing from Orinda, CA Contractors

A pre-Revolutionary War house in York County, PA, will soon have a new luster. Mike Argento of the York Daily Record reported that the Willis house in nearby Manchester Township is now undergoing a reroofing job at the hands of a roofing contractor in Lancaster County. Homeowner Dean Packer said the project has cost him at least $15,000, but it was worth the price because the shingles are the same as the original ones.

Residents of Orinda, CA may see the value in reroofing a house that has stood through much of the nation’s history and before it. The city itself has a number of historic houses, with the de Laveaga Estate, the Garbarino family’s Casa Azul off Miner Road, and the Old Yellow House the most prominent examples. The combined age of these three attractions may not exactly hold up to that of the Willis House, but experts at roofing in Orinda, CA like RoofMax are more than capable of doing a reroofing on a historic house if the need arises.

One of York County's oldest homes gets a new roof

A roof repair and replacement job will usually begin with a consultation and estimation, which will usually be rendered for free. The materials of the original roof will be studied for their construction and content; the data will help the roofing team and the homeowner consider their next plan of action. In the case of the Willis House, the planning had to consider the fact that the original shingles were hand-cut cedar and Packer didn’t want to settle for asphalt shingles, which he figured would have cost him around $5,000.

Dependable Orinda, CA roofing contractors like RoofMax are capable of taking away all the roofing material that was stripped for disposal at a landfill. The team will also police the area around the house for loose tools and wayward roofing material before wrapping up affairs. It is not yet known when the work at the Willis House will be finished or what the contractors will do with the old shingles.

Your contractor may also be skilled to do some interior remodel work. The article noted that Packer has also done much work on the interior such as putting period fixtures in the mantel over the fireplace.

Setting up historic houses like Willis with accurate roofing systems gives it a new shine. As such, skilled roofers with a proven record of service are adequate about carrying out the job.

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