Stylish Lafayette Roofing Can Restore the Look of Old Homes

An article on the Press-Enterprise website dated August 23, 2013 discusses the developments in Riverside’s distinctive Twogood Lane and its immediate neighbors. The region is perhaps best known for its eclectic range of turn-of-the-century homes that have been renovated to fit modern living standards. The article notes that another classic home has been installed next to the area’s existing houses, adding to its traditional theme.

There’s certainly charm in buying a house that bears vintage styling and architecture; there are a lot of such dwellings lying around in California, in fact. Although they look gorgeous and all, most will need some serious renovations in order to properly stand up to the elements, particularly the roofing. The owners of such homes will need to invest in modern Lafayette roofing in order to secure the buildings from harm.

RIVERSIDE: Historic homes get new neighbor of same vintage

The California Baptist University wanted to move a 1909 Craftsman-styled bungalow out of its land, and luckily the Doughertys were there to purchase the house before it could be demolished. Keeping with the classic vibe of Twogood Lane, the Doughertys had the house transported to a lot just right next to the avenue. The couple now awaits their “new” home’s renovations to be completed within a year.

Such reclamation projects aren’t new for Twogood Lane and the surrounding homes of the area, as the eight bungalows that form its first residents were also rescued from being scrapped and restored. The city’s Old Riverside Foundation has since identified the block as a significant cultural location due to its preservation of antique housing. This universal theme of old-styled residences has the potential to raise the values of the properties in the area.

Having an old home of your own isn’t as simple as you would think. “Fixer-uppers” can’t just return to using the old materials for repairs; it will need the latest in building technology in order to look better and last longer. A reliable Lafayette roofing company like Roofmax can provide old home enthusiasts a wide range of modern roofing that look like the traditional pieces, but are far stronger.

Old homes prove that style is timeless, however the buildings themselves are still susceptible to the effects of age and the weather. Owners will need to be extra careful about renovating and maintaining such structures. With skilled roofers by their side, they can easily protect their homes from damage while keeping its looks.

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