You’ve Got the Power with Solar Roofing in Walnut Creek, CA

Even the seats of power in the world can help in the demand for sustainable energy. Amiram Barkat of the Globes business website reported that plans to install solar roofing systems atop Israel’s Parliament, the Knesset, are in progress for a full activation in 2014. The national utility provider recently allowed in-house generation of electricity that will help trim the power bill.

Israel’s Mediterranean climate is also the same halfway ’round the world in Walnut Creek, CA. The city’s location astride the San Ramon and Ygnacio Valleys makes for high pressure, and temperatures during the summer months are in the early 30s; a few local business establishments service both Central Costa County and the Bay Area. When your local government office or business facility wants to emulate the Knesset and yes, the White House too, in setting up a solar roof, feel free to consult experts at roofing in Walnut Creek, CA like RoofMax.

Solar roofs are simply banks of photovoltaic cells that are arranged atop special racks bolted onto the roof. A solar roofing contractor will first inspect the existing roof to determine whether it is structurally sound enough to shoulder the weight of the entire array and its supporting equipment like cables and connections to the DC inverter. This solution applies to sloped or flat roofs, which the Knesset has, and has apparently not been utilized.

Solar roof installation can be dovetailed into a business or government facility’s ongoing roofing work. The contractor will liaise with property managers on options to reinforce the existing roof to allow for installing the solar power machinery; this applies when the roof has had some years behind it.

Incentives are a strong drawing point which proponents use on the viability of solar roofing systems. A Walnut Creek roofing company like RoofMax may help facilitate in customer applications for federal government credits, which can account for up to 30% of the overall installation cost. The utility company may be approached about arrangements for using energy from the solar roof and the local grid at certain times of the day.

Building a solar roofing system on a certain property, whether it’s a modest home or a government facility like the Knesset, does carry its share of advantages when it comes to sustainable energy. Reaping the full benefits will be possible if the roof contractor you got for the job has the experience and competence.

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