Spring Cleaning Tips for your Concord Roof

Now that spring is officially here, it’s time to get your ladder and gloves out for some roof spring-cleaning! And with all the recent rain/snowfall we’ve been experiencing lately, there are a number of roof-related cleaning tasks that should be done to keep your roof safe and sturdy for years to come. Check out the following spring cleaning tips when maintaining your roof this season:

Check entire roof for damaged flashing:

            The flashing of your roof system plays an important role in keeping out the moisture and water that causes damage if that water is allowed to penetrate beneath the shingles and within the deeper layers of your roof, and eventually the attic. Avoid this expensive problem by thoroughly inspecting the entirety of the flashing on your roof, paying close attention to any signs of damage, bends, or non-flush areas. If you do notice any damage that has occurred as a result of the rainstorms and it’s not something you can easily fix yourself, be sure to call your local roof contractor for repair estimates right away, as the water begins to penetrate as soon as the damage occurs.

Trim low hanging trees:

           The damage that a loose tree branch poses to your home should it be ripped off and launched in the air during a storm is a real threat, which is why integral adjusters llc says it’s important to take care of any loose branches ahead of time. In an effort to protect your roof even further, in times of intense winds remember to dispose of those tree trimmings in an area where they will not become a safety hazard during the storm.

Inspect gutter system for clogs and leaks:

            Leaves and other debris accumulate in the gutters along the roof and without regular spring cleaning and the water backup from the clogged gutters causes damage to the gutters and the roof shingles as well. Using a ladder and utility gloves, inspect the entire length of the guttering system for clogs and leaks.

            When scooping debris out of the gutters use a plastic scooper fitted with a small enough front edge to get into small areas, and don’t use a metal scrapping tool since they scrape the bottom of the gutters, check maid this. Be sure to protect your hands, skin, and eyes with protective eye ware and gloves.

Wash away mold and dirt:

            When dirt and debris accumulate on your roof and remain for a long period of time your roof is more likely to experience punctures, clogged drains, and shingle damage–all of which can end up costing you hundreds of dollars in repair and replacement costs without annual spring cleaning.

            In addition to a ladder and perhaps a safety harness, cleaning these stains off your roof typically requires a garden hose, portable garden sprayer, and a noncorrosive and nontoxic roof cleaning solution. Roofing experts typically advise against using bleach and a power washer for roof-cleaning as it damages the shingles, produces a harmful runoff, and isn’t even successful in killing the fungi and bacteria which cause the stains.

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