Steep-Slope Green

New Western-Based Roofing Product is Both Light-Weight & Environmentally Friendly

by Rick Weinberg, ArmorLite Roofing Company

Roofing contractor Brian Hicks slowly takes a step backward and stares at the roof his crew just completed. “Now that is a thing of beauty,” says Hicks, owner of Chandler’s Roofing in San Pedro, Calif. with a smile of satisfaction. The beauty of the project, Hicks says, was using ArmorLite Roofing Technology’s new product.

The project Hick’s crew completed went as smooth as anticipated, he says. The Culver City, Calif. home wa 22 squares with a 4:12 slope. “The homeowner was looking for a lightweight, innovative, state-of-the-art product that set his home apart from everything else on the block,” Hicks says. “They wanted a unique appearance and curb appeal. They’re also a family who was highly concerned with the environment, so they wanted an eco-friendly material. ArmorLite met all the requirements.

“ArmorLite is a high-quality product that will stand up to all the elements and last a long, long time,” Hicks says. “We’re pleased ArmorLite was chosen for the project and we’re confident in the long-lasting performance and beauty of the material.”

“This is one of the most unique products I’ve ever seen in the industry,” says Rob Keen, regional vice president of Beacon Pacific, a national roofing distributor. “I look at four to five new products every month, and nothing has caught my attention like this.”

“We do two homes using ArmorLite in the time it takes us to do one [with traditional roofing materials],” says roofing contractor Randy Ramsey of Rasmey Roofing in San Juan Capistrano, Calif. Ramsey recently did a back-to-back projects using ArmorLite. The first was a Rowland Heights, Calif. home that was 44 squares with a 5:12 pitched roof. The second was a Santa Ana, Calif. home that was 27 squares with a 4:12 slope. The Rowland Heights project was completed in four days, the other in two days.

“It’s amazing,” says Kevin Ireland of Hoyt Roofing in Anaheim, Calif. as he installs ArmorLite on a 29-square Brea, Calif., home with a 4:12 pitched roof. “I can’t believe how quickly we can cover an area with a panel,” Ireland says. “And it takes just four nails to secure the material to the decking. That’s remarkable. It’s the best innovation I’ve ever seen in this industry when you consider the light weight, and ease and quickness of installation. And the way it looks, wow, is impressive. It’s beefy, thick and strong. You’d never know it’s as light as it is, and it’s as tough and durable as any material I’ve worked with.”

ArmorLite states that the product is revolutionary. “The wafer-thin yet armor-tough roofing material is made from advanced, highly engineered polymers. The result is one of the industry’s greenest and lightest products (70 rounds per square) that is 100% recyclable with 0% waste. This ‘first-of-it’s kind’ roofing material is safer, because of its light weight, and is as tough and durable as any roofing product on the market, according to roofing contractors. It is also immune to rotting, mildew, and mold, and have virtually 0% breakage.

ArmorLite developed its patented material with the assistance of GE. The product is made in part from Geloy for superior weatherability. This type of material has been used for more than 40 years for outdoor weatherable applications. This is the first time the product has been used in roofing technology and has high UV resistant color pigments, according to ArmorLight president, Frank Lane.

ArmorLite meets the industry’s stringent certification programs, including the Cool Roof Rafting Council, Energy Star and the United States Green Building Council.

Amazingly, it weighs eight times less than other products, yet it is armor tough and so durable that “it will last not one generation but two or three,” says Bill Venn, a Seattle, Wash., based roofing contractor. “It’s one of the most remarkable roofing innovations I’ve ever seen in my 30 years in the industry.”

ArmorLite is manufactured in 2′ by 4′ panels. The novel design enables roofers to quickly and easily install roofs. Roofing applicators use 70% fewer nails with ArmorLite because of the large panels.

The green elements of ArmorLite are highly significant not only from an environmental perspective but also from a selling standpoint, according to several contractors. “I’ve sold ArmorLite based solely on the fact that it’s eco-friendly,” Ramsey says. “More and more people are going green and in many cases this is the primary reason why we’ve been able to land a project. We actually got the Santa Ana, project primarily because of ArmorLite’s green features.”

According to Venn, “The ‘green’ elements of ArmorLite are a big selling point and so are the cooling energy cost savings. There’s nothing a homeowner wants to hear more than, ‘it saves you money,’ and ArmorLite can save homeowners a lot of money over time.”

Venn says one of his recent projects, in Olympia, Wash., was landed because of ArmorLite’s green elements. The home was 31 squares with a 5:12 pitched roof.

Says Bernice Reed of Skycraft Roofing in Buena Park, Calif., “My guys love it. It takes less time to install, it’s lighter to move around, you don’t get so dirty, and there’s no breakage. It’s the cleanest product we’ve ever worked with.”

Two of Reed’s most recent ArmorLite projects include homes in Tustin Calif. (20 squares, 4:12 slope) and Orange, Calif. (23 squares, 4:12 slope).

With ArmorLite, there is also virtually zero breakage, several roofing contractors say. “You can step on it, jump on it, and it won’t break, nick, scratch, or dent,” Ramsey says. “It’s the most durable product ever made. It’s a lifetime product.”

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