Tips for taking care of your roof and gutters

Every house has a roof. It is a necessity that every house must have, and must also be properly maintain. If our roof isn’t kept up and working properly, it can lead to some major damage to the rest of our house. Imagine walking outside in the rain with no umbrella. You would get majorly wet. Imagine walking outside in the rain with an umbrella. You would most likely be able to stay dry. Imagine walking outside in the rain with an umbrella that had holes in it. Not very effective is it? That’s why it’s important to make sure that your roof is properly maintained. You want it to work the way it’s supposed to and keep your house safe and dry from the elements outside. Here are a few things that you can do to take care of your roof and gutters:

1. A cheap roof is not always the best roof: When shopping around for a roof, whether you are building a new house or needing to replace an old roof, you don’t always want to go with what is the cheapest. You get what you pay for in this situation. If you are replacing an old roof, It may be tempting to lay new shingles over the old ones if your roof seems to be in good repair. But while your roof may appear to be in good shape, the plywood, underside of the shingles and underlayment may have issues that you can’t detect from an inspection of the surface of the roof. You lose five years off a shingle’s life when you layer it over an old shingle. It is always more beneficial to remove the old roof and start fresh with a new one.

2. Keep your roof and gutters free from debris: Debris that sits on your roof, or in your gutters, can cause major damage if not taken care of. Tree branches can knock off shingles or break gutters. Leaves can build up and cause mold when water gets trapped and pools up. And if leaves get heavy enough they can also break gutters off. Bi-annually checking your roof and gutters can help make sure that buildup does not occur. While your roof won’t last forever, preventing problems on your roof can ensure that you’ll replace your roof later rather than sooner. If you keep your roof clean, keep debris off and make repairs, you can get an extra five years out of your roof.

3. Asses your roof and gutters after any major event: After every big wind or hail storm, or if you’ve heard scurrying on the roof at night, give your roof a quick check to make sure everything’s still intact.

Look for:

*Curling, loose, or missing shingles
*Damaged flashing around vents, chimneys, skylights, and other openings

If anything seems amiss, ask a roofer to inspect ASAP. Most problems are fairly easy to fix, but if you put them off and water gets in, the damage and costs escalate.

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