Yard Sign Campaign Results!

Thank you! Thank you!

We appreciate everyone who participated in our “Annual Yard Sign Extravaganza”!

Many of you have asked how this has helped our business. We have been getting phone calls every day! Some days we are getting four to five calls!

In an effort to have a fair drawing we placed each homeowner willing to put a sign in their yard into a “Random Sampling” program downloaded from Random.org.

Here are the drawing results:



1st Place $1,000.00 winner             Kolstad      Orchard/Concord

2nd Place $500.00 winner              Taylor  Heartwood/Concord

3rd Place $200.00 winner               Castro       St Francis/Concord

$50.00 winners:

Robason                       Cowell/Concord

Spadoni                 Kearsarge/Concord

Von Savoye        Glenwood/Concord

Dugan                   Crestwood/Concord

McCombs                    Adams/Concord

Byrnes                Fox Hollow/Concord

Harper                  Woodcrest/Concord

Frost                            Tara/Clayton

Dulac                  Perada/Walnut Creek

Fiorica                           Bonari/Concord

Nieto                         Baywood/Concord

Bowerbank        Orangewood/Concord

Lambert                       Wilson/Concord

Goodman                            6th/Concord

Ortland                        Ardenwood/Concord

Green                                Davis/Concord


Congratulations to the winners! And again, thank you for participating! We feel this has been a successful program and plan to do it again! We hope you will want to participate with us in the future.

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