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Diamond Certified

“They were efficient, they came out immediately, and they gave me a good price. The young man who came to do the work was friendly and knowledgeable. I will definitely use them again. I was very happy with their work.”


“They were very pleasant to deal with. They did everything they said they would do. The quality of their work was good. There were no hidden costs. ”


“I liked that I didn’t have to watch to make sure they did everything. I’ve had roofers in the past and they just don’t compare. They did a quality job and I would recommend them.”


“They didn’t fool around much. They did their job, which was what I wanted. They didn’t take a lot of breaks.”


“Our roof isn’t leaking anymore. That must mean they did their job right. They were very professional and responsive.”


“They did a really thorough job, they had great customer service, they were personable, and they really made it look nice. They had one of the better clean-up crews.”


“They did what they said they would do. They answered all of my questions immediately. They were honest, straightforward, and they had all of the insurance we were looking for. Had they not been Diamond Certified, I wouldn’t have picked them.”


 “They did it right and on time. They did a great job. I didn’t even know they were there. They were done on schedule and they cleaned up very well. I am one hundred percent satisfied with their work.”


“They did what said they would do and they did a great job.”


“I liked that they had great customer service and a good price. They were very responsive to all of my questions.”


“I liked the fact that they followed up on their work after they finished the job.”

–Aki M.

“They did a very thorough job, had good crew management, and they were very friendly.”


“I have had a bunch of lousy roofers in the past. Roofmax did an analysis, followed through, and it turned out fine.”


“They have a good service and they did quality work.”


 “I liked their customer service. The crew was very friendly and the owner really takes care of me. They did an excellent job and they finished just under the time they had originally specified.”


 “The day we had an emergency, we called them. They showed up fairly soon after. It was during bad weather.”


“I liked the way they cleaned up after themselves every day. The people that I dealt with were very good.”


 “They started and finished the work on time. The quality was good.”

–Mr. M.

“They were prompt, and they did good work.”

–Mr. A.

“They communicated well with my wife, and I felt very good about the job they did. They always informed us when changes or problems came up. They were very accommodating and fair.”

–Mr. S.

“The salesperson was knowledgeable and helpful.”

–Mr. E.

“They did the job on time, and everything came out as they promised.”

–Mr. T.

 “They were easy to do business with.”

–Mr. L.

“They were on time, and they did what they said they would do.”

–Mr. J.

 “The roofing people were on time, and they did a good job.”

–Mrs. L.

“I liked the price.”

–Mr. C.

“They were courteous, and they finished it on time.”


“They’re friendly, informative, and professional.”


“They carried away my extra stuff.”


“The crew was happy. They acted like they enjoyed what they were doing. I just thought they did a great job.”


“They were very professional, friendly, and on time. They were very good at consulting with me. The guys were just super nice.”


 “They did exactly what they said they would do, and they did it well. Their quote was accurate. They started and finished on time, and they were clean.”


“They were efficient, fast, and professional.”


“They cleaned up every day, they used quality materials, and they did high quality work.”


 “They were polite and efficient. In general, I thought they were excellent.”

–Mr. W.

“Very professional, high quality, and the communication was good.”


“They were systematic. Everything went smoothly.”


“Their crew was very pleasant to have around. They were very clean, thorough, and they did not miss a thing. I thought they were perfect.”


 “They did a good job, and they were quick to fix the problem.”


 “They were on time, and they cleaned up. The roof doesn’t leak.”


“They were fast. They resolved the problem professionally. They were efficient, and they did a really good job.”


“They came out and took care of a repair. They were fast, and they fixed the problem.”


“They were knowledgeable. They were able to fix the problems my previous roofing contractor couldn’t fix.”


 “There wasn’t anything about them that I didn’t like. They were prompt, clean, professional, and they did a good job.”

–Mr. W.

“They came out and fixed the leak I had in my house, and I liked the people that I dealt with.”

–Mrs. M.

“They were reliable and prompt. They did the work while we were away on vacation. When we got back, it was finished everything was clean.”

–Mr. C.

“They took care of everything. They were also very conscientious about cleaning up.”

–Mr. A.

“The quality of the material and the work.”

–Mr. H.

“They seemed honest, and they came back when there was a problem.”

–Mr. S.

 “They did a very good job. I had no problems which was great. In the past, I’ve had bad experience with roofing and gutter companies.”

–Mr. D.

“They were very professional from beginning to end.”

–Mr. P.

 “They did what they said they would do. They put in a high quality roof, and they were very professional.”

–Mr. V.

 “They were on time, and they got it done quickly during the rainy season.”

–Mr. N.

“They were very efficient and professional. They also went the extra mile to do a great job.”

–Mr. H.

“I liked the overall quality and work they did. They the job quickly, efficiently, and it looks great.”

–Mr. D.

“We were able to discuss the approach and terms with them in a focused way. Also, they had top-notch workers.”

–Mr. G.

“They paid good attention to details. I also liked that the salesperson came out while the work was being done to make sure everything was going okay. ,”

–Mr. T.

 “I’ve been using them for about twenty years. Jon is the best.”

–Mr. S.

“They stuck to the schedule, finished on time, and did a great job of cleaning up.”

–Mrs. S.

“I liked the quality of the work, and they followed through. Also, they did the job very quickly, and their proposal for what they were going to do was detailed and clear.”

–Mr. M.