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Roofmax has teamed up with EchoFirst, Inc. to provide Bay Area homeowners with a remarkable new solar roofing option. The Echo solar system can provide multiple services for your home, including daytime heating, nighttime cooling, hot water heating and fresh air ventilation.

Here’s how the Echo Solar System works…

Specially engineered photovoltaic panels (PV) are installed on your home’s roof by factory-certified Roofmax installers. During the day, these PV panels absorb sunlight – 15% is converted to electricity for your home, while 85% is captured a heat energy. This heat energy is not wasted, but is put to good use by the Echo system.

The sun’s heat energy is used to warm air that is drawn underneath the PV panels. This warm air is then channeled into your home through a specially designed filter, and used to heat water for cooking or washing, and to heat your home during cold weather.

When the sun goes down, the same air circulation system works in reverse by removing hot, stale air from your home and replacing it with fresh, cool filtered air from outside. Thus the Echo Solar System performs many roles, efficiently and economically. You’ll save money on energy costs while minimizing your home’s impact on the environment!