Protect your Suenen Court, Walnut Creek, CA home from the elements.

Walnut Creek, California 94595

Roofmax has been in business for almost 25 years putting on roofs in the California East Bay area. But did you know that Roofmax does more than just roofs? That’s right folks, Roofmax is a licensed general contractor which means we can do siding, windows, doors, skylights, decks, solar, gutters and on and on. You name it, most likely we do it.


At this Walnut Creek home we gave them a brand new GAF Timberline HD Ultra roof. But that wasn’t all we gave them. We also put in new windows, siding, and gutters and gave it a fabulous paint job to top it all off. Don’t forget to call Roofmax for all your Walnut Creek roofing, remodel and solar needs!

Roofmax-Walnut Creek Home

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