Roof leaks can come in all shapes and sizes. If treated early, roof leaks can be fixed in a few hours. But neglected leaks may cause homeowners’ an entirely new roofing system.

We have rounded up the most common causes of roof leaks and how to avoid them. 


All things are affected by time and wear and tear, even your roof. No matter how sturdy the materials used on your roof, it will need maintenance eventually. 

Old roofing systems are exposed every day to extreme weather conditions that will deteriorate the quality of your roof whether we like it or not. Once the integrity of the material has been compromised, it will not be difficult for water to seep in and ultimately a leak passage will form. 

Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid aging for the roof, but with proper and regular maintenance, you can extend the life of your roof. 


The roof is one of the most battered, if not the most, part of a house. It stands against strong winds, torrential downpour, and scorching heat of the sun. 

But its durability is tested during typhoons when downpour and winds pound on the roof for hours without end. Sometimes, parts and pieces of the roof comes off like the shingles. 

Shingles are installed in various ways; they can be nailed on the roof, glued on each other, or woven together. That is why, when one of the shingles come off, it is not easy to detect where the problem area is. 

Be sure to check your roof regularly so you are familiar as to how your roof should look like and you can easily spot if something is not right. 


We cannot say what land on your roof, from branches and leaves to animal droppings, it can be anything. Sometimes, this debris, when not appropriately cleaned can hurt your roof. 

When these items build up on your roof, it blocks the drainage of the water. When water is trapped, it automatically finds another path, or if your material can absorb water, it seeps into your roof. 

To avoid clogging on your roof, be sure to keep the waterways of your roof clutter free to ensure that water can flow freely. 


Roof vents are essential components to a roof, and it ensures that it will not trap so much heat or moisture that could hasten the deterioration of the roof. However, vents also need frequent checking, especially those that are made from plastic. Over time, plastic can crack when exposed to extreme weather conditions. When this happens, a leak is sure to ensue. 

To avoid this from happening, make sure all roof vents are correctly sealed and are in good condition. 

These are just a few of the things that homeowners should watch out . But just in case the problem has gotten out of hand, it is always best to call for professional help. 

RoofMax Concord Roofing and solar can help you maintain and repair roofs to keep your homes safe against possible roof leaks. Please send us an email or give us a call, our staff would be glad to assist you.

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