How to Know When it’s Time to Replace your Roof

Nobody likes having to plow unbudgeted money into the mountain of problems that can present themselves in home ownership. Kids break windows, sprinkler systems bust, air conditioning needs maintenance; the list seems to go on and on. While you are working to literally keep a roof over your head, it may be easier to notice other problems when your roof needs some real attention. In order to keep the phrase “the roof is caving in” metaphorical, here’s eight things to look out for as warnings that your roof probably needs to be replaced.

  1. Age – Aside from the rare house fires or tree falling through your ceiling, roofs can typically last decades and are normally under warranty for about twenty years. Every house plan is different and while some roofs start seeing problems within ten years, others can end up lasting well beyond the warranty. If your roof is old, have a professional contractor you trust come take a look at it. The hard truth is that roofs don’t last forever and when you think about the beating they take day in and out from the wind, sun, rain, snow, hail, and from freezing to baking temperatures, years tend to wear them down. Click and find the best chiropractors escondido.
  2. Peeling, Stained, or Bubbling Paint – Check the paint on the inside and outside of your house in the areas near your rooftop or ceiling. If you see any staining, peeling, or bubbling in the paint, your roof is probably starting to let more moisture in than it should and depending on the damage, may be past the point of repair.
  3. Damaged Shingles – Before you think it is time for a full on roof replacement, check your shingles to see if they are bent, curled, broken, wet, stained, or even missing. Shingles for your roof are like tires for your car, so maybe all you need is a full shingle replacement for roof restoration.
  4. Rising Energy Bills – If it starts to look like you are spending more and more on heating or cooling your house, it could be more than just the weather. Your roof is supposed to act as an insulator containing the interior temperature, but if your home is starting to work harder to keep things cool or warm, you may need to get your roof checked, Find out car insurance in mexico
  5. Search For Granules – When shingles get old, they start breaking down until they deteriorate into coarse little chunks that can sometimes look like dark sand called granules. Check your rain gutters and other areas around your property that you think granules could have washed around. The evidence means your roof is deteriorating, and the amount tells you how badly it needs replacement.
  6. Leaking – Instead of seeping into the paint, your roof can also just start leaking onto the floor. The problem is pretty severe when it gets to that point, so a good way to catch it before it really starts to hit your home is checking to see if it’s leaking in the attic.
  7. Looks – Your Mom probably told you not to judge a book by it’s cover, but you should definitely do just that with your roof. If it looks bad on the outside, that’s probably because it is.
  8. A roof is an expensive investment, which means that you can be sure some people will want to fix it no matter what condition it’s in. Be sure to consult a contractor you trust before getting any work done, because there are people out there that will want to take your money for an unnecessary job. Look out for roofers licensing and other indications that your contractor isn’t just looking to make a quick buck.

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