Roofing Ventilation

It is not a new concept for house and roof contractors. However, first time homeowners might find it odd why they need to ventilate the roof.

While this system works overtime to protect your entire household, the roof also needs protection from the factors that affect its performance and durability.

Others might say that it is wasted money to install a properly working roof ventilation, but those who know what it does will agree that it is money put to good use.

There are two main reasons why a roof has to be ventilated— the weather and air quality of your homes.


Ventilation is not only needed during the hot summer days, it is also important during winter when everything is frozen to stones.

In a hot climate, a ventilation helps to release the hot air from inside the house making the air that circulates inside colder. Here’s how it works: as hot air rises, the roof ventilation system sucks out this air and pushes it out to the vents on the roof and finally out to the open again.

As for cold days, it is the opposite. Ventilation helps prevent the formation of ice dams in the roof. As warm air rises to the roof, the temperature is regulated and the cold air is dropped on the air vents outside the house.


Air quality is the reason all homeowners do all types of upgrades for their ventilation system— frequent maintenance, increased capacity, and many more.

Improving the air quality during the hot summer days can save people from heat stroke and other airborne diseases. A clean air helps get rid of humidity and a well functionating vent can help ease out the build-up of dust particles that serves as a bridge for microbes to get inside the human’s body.

During the cold days, warm air helps the body to maintain a regular temperature. If a person is cold, his immunity can go down and can catch the airborne diseases like influenza. Cold air circulating will dry the air making it difficult for sinuses to filer the air, making a person prone to diseases.


The secret of an effective roof ventilation lies in the roof insulation or the layers of materials that are used to create the vents on the roof.

However, despite maximum efforts to insulate a roof, ventilation still fails. This is because an insulation is done to a sick roof or a roof that has immediate repair needs that were not addressed properly.

Putting insulation to a roof with broken shingles outside that might leak in the future is the reason why the air inside the house is not improving as time goes by.

To avoid this problem, first, fix all external issues that might affect the performance of the insulation inside. Second, be careful about sealing your roof. Sometimes, in our effort to secure something outside, we tend to nail, or pierce through the material to keep it in its place. Unfittingly, this is not the best way to go.

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